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With our award-winning TAP, the right to affordable, safe, comfortable and high-quality living becomes a reality. The TAPs are an economically and ecologically convincing alternative to ever increasing rents and the almost unaffordable home buying. TAPs can be stacked on top of each other in the shelving system as a comfortable apartment, as a high-quality condominium, as an entire residential complex in the form of TAP Villages or as an attractive holiday complex.


Welcome to the new world of TAPs

Finally, the dream of affordable living becomes reality and you do not have to do without comfort. Our TAPs are completely set up and will soon be visible everywhere. In cities, in the countryside, in holiday resorts. As clever TAP shelf systems. Optimally integrated into nature or adapted to the urban environment. Complex construction measures? Wrong! A TAP is simply connected to existing supply lines via plug & play and the fun of living can begin.

TAP means: unlimited possibilities and fully furnished

In university cities, TAPs can end the constant stress with outrageously expensive student apartments and relax the housing market. In TAP hotels and holiday complexes, guests will enjoy a completely new holiday feeling. And companies will be able to provide affordable, fully furnished, attractive TAPs to employees who previously had to commute on their own company premises. Just sense of living, right?



Do you want to realize yourself while remaining independent and mobile? It's high time to move into a TAP!


You want to get to know each other more intensively, enjoy togetherness and be flexible at the same time. Make the TAP your love nest!


Your children are out of the house and you want to enjoy your life to the fullest? It’s really going on with a TAP!


Are you tired of “scrubbing down” tens of miles every day and losing a lot of time? Why don't you ask your boss to put a TAP on the shelf on the company premises for you - and maybe others too?


Can't find a student apartment because everything is just too expensive? Then rent or finance a TAP.